Monday, January 13, 2014

Friday the 13th 9-13-2013

                From the September event....

         Sons Of Mongo #13 Hell's Barbeque - Sold

Candy Rabbit With Pipe #4 Grape Jolly Rancher With Mouse Turds -Sold

Cursed Clockwork Orange Ducky - Sold 

Chicken George Chokes To Death On Shrimp At The Roadhouse - Sold

The Jolly Crab Rides A Cursed Easter Zebra : The Jolly Crab Rides Again - Sold

           Gutter Fish With Corncob Mic - Sold

 The Hot Dog Head Rises From Its Grave - Sold

 Zombie White Trash Howdy Rides A Candy Cane Gutter Fish  - Unsold

 Jefferson T. Rowe Happy Fun Time -Sold 

Larry Bud Melman Rides A Cursed Easter Giraffe  - Unsold

Knock Em' Sock Em' Redneck Robots : Real Chicken George VS. Folk Art Daryll  - Sold

Slack Jones The Devil Made Me Do It - Sold

The Horn Haired Girl Leaves Texas : Scruffy Jones Gets Revenge! - Sold outside of Ebay after the 13th to a private collector

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