Sunday, July 22, 2012

Friday the 13th 4-13-2012

The precise date and time of origin of The Easter Bunny Painter is uncertain and open to much speculation. Some would tell you that his tortured spirit was conjured up by a challenge made on a dark beer soaked night, by the villainous West Texas artist known as Chicken George. Others would say that his coming was prophesied for years. In any case, the first recorded appearances of The Easter Bunny Painter began in the time frame preceeding the second Friday the 13th of 2012, in April, 2012.

The following is a video from that time, and a documentation of the works that were sold during the Friday the 13th Ebay Folk Art Challenge of April, 2012.

There were a total of thirteen pieces listed in that challenge, only nine of which sold. The remaining four works will be posted here at a future time. In the case of a few of the pieces, they will have been altered and re-worked with different materials prior to being posted on this blog.

The original materials used to make these pieces are varied, and in some cases might include latex caulk, Real Outsider Hay and Real Outsider Easter Hay!

                                          Blood Duck - SOLD                                        

                      Self Trolling #1 Chicken George Brimming With Hatred Sets Fire to The Easter Bunny Painter On Easter After Brunch - SOLD

Self Trolling #4 The Easter Bunny Painter Vs.The Lizard -SOLD

Monster Chick Hatches from an Outsider Coconut Cream Egg Talking Gibberish -SOLD

Gutter Bunny -SOLD

  Howdy Doody Rides And Eats A Chocolate Peter Rabbit - SOLD

Candy Rabbit With Pipe #2 Poisoned Marshmallow Rabbit -SOLD

                Rabbit Plus Beard Equals Man! -SOLD

Self Trolling #2 The Zombie Red Mud Bot 4000 Beheads The Primitive Easter Bunny Painter Bot 3600 in Van Gogh's Wheat Fields on Mars While Wearing Payless Shoes -SOLD